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 Irrigation Management Division (IMD) established in 1984, implements the Integrated Management of Agriculture Settlement (INMAS) in 54 Major Irrigations. The main objective is to establish a self-reliant farming community in irrigated agricultural areas. It expects to implement participatory approach through active participation of beneficiaries and farmer representatives, while integrating state and non-governmental officials and private sector in order to achieve sustainable economic development of farming community of irrigation settlement by increasing the productivity of a unit of water...      Read more


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Welcome, I appreciate the work that many have accomplished despite the difficulties. In the face of this disaster that we have never experienced in our lifetime, we as responsible officers must guide the farmers. why? Only the farmer can produce food to make the country live. Farmers should be encouraged to make the best use of their land and land without wasting a single drop of water. This is your duty towards the motherland. Residential Project Managers and Development Officers also contact farmers and telephones frequently. Record in the field book. Continue to share your work with us. May the Triple Gem Bless You. Thank you. Director.

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